Please June 2013 (by Tatsuro Kiuchi)


The title page for Marta Marzanska’s short story What’s Reflected in the lake. Featured in Survetta House five star hotel magazine. 



Jake Wyatt draws Sailor Twain ❤ Don’t you sometimes feel the irresistible pull to not be here but to be somewhere else? In places with more magic, with great stories and greater adventures? I know I feel it. I just want to be brave, to not be mundane.

GORGEOUS fan art for Sailor Twain by Mark Siegel.


Prince Gumball’s path to the throne was brutal. Fionna wasn’t around during the Sugar Wars; Gumball distracts her by acting super bland and wearing disco pants.
Marshall Lee knows the truth, but as Chaotic Neutral, he just can’t bring himself to give a shit.
ETA: Nhyworks just gave me the amazing pun ‘Game of Scones.’ Brb dying ok.


Camouflage, 2014. 
Work by Maria Nguyen.


Korra by Adam Lucas / Website


Blanco Y En Botella by Jorge Lawerta.


This is for a book project called The Where, The What and The How: 75 Artists Illustrate the Wondrous Mysteries of the Universe that will be out next year sometime. I will post more details about it as it gets closer, but it looks like it’s going to be a good one.